White House Throws Away $2 Billion

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Economy
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Petrobas: Major Brazillian oil company interested in offshore drilling.

George Soros: Major contributor to the Obama campaign with a financial interest in Petrobas.

Barack Obama: In the midst of U.S. financial turmoil agrees to give $2 billion dollars to Petrobas to explore offshore drilling after denouncing the practice.

The obvious: Conflict of interest. It’s a blatant payback to a campaign financial backer.

The questions: How does investing in Brazillian offshore oil break our country of oil dependency from other countries? If the administration spent so much time selling us on how “bad” offshore drilling is to our environment, why are they throwing $2 billion dollars at it? In our current economy, aren’t there so many other things for which we ought to consider spending $2 billion?

From the world of private investigator Chase Michael DeBarlo:

“Did you really think you were going to fool everyone, Hack?”

Hack Tucker, a gang leader in Fallsbury, slumped in front of me and spat at the ground. “I needed to pay him back, man. He’s the one that set me up with the hall to begin with. I owed hin.”

I shook my head. “But you didn’t really have the money to begin with. So you took whatever cash you had in your gambling den and gave it to Colino hoping no one else would notice? No wonder they tried to kill you when the money dried up.”

Hack shrugged. “I’m still alive and Colino will probably set me up again. It ain’t really that bad.”

I shook my head yet again. “Good luck regaining everyone’s trust.”


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