White House Grabs Interrogation Power

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Security
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As part of the “rebuke” over the CIA for interrogation practices, the White House has ousted their power in this vital piece of the War on Terror. Interrogators from the FBI will be used instead and the entire operation will be overseen by the White House. Approved by president Barack Obama, the new High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) will be constructed of of experts from a number of intelligence and law enforcement agencies and will be headquartered at the FBI. The White House’s National Security Council will oversee the entire operation.

Questions: When it comes to checks and balances within our government, why is this functionality now being swept under the Executive Branch? If you’re a conspiracy theorist, does it concern you that this administration running the White House could go easy on interrogating some of their “cronies”?

From the world of private investigator Chase Michael DeBarlo:

I had no idea where I was. One moment I was searching the back alley of the storage facility and the next I was waking up bleary-eyed and tied to a chair in a musty room with a single hanging lightbulb that glowed dimly from the center of the cracked ceiling. The moment I stirred a dark figure from the far left corner sprung toward me and smacked me hard across the face. Something warm and wet trickled down my lip. I barely had time to notice when I was smacked hard again. This was followed by a pain that felt like lightning in the middle in my left hand. I screamed and bright little orbs of light clouded my vision.

I coughed and gasped for air. “Aren’t you at least supposed to ask me some questions first before you just start beating on me?”

A deep voice chuckled. “You think there’s rules here? There ain’t no rules here. You in the real world now, an’ in the real world you take your beatin’ first. Much more effective. If ya wanted some light questioning then you shoulda been caught by the government — not me.”

Something smashed across the right side of my head and the lights went out.


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