Obama’s Long Sales Pitch to Congress

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Economy, Health Care, Politics
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Everyone is writing about health care tonight, so I’ll try to remain as brief and pointed as possible, but I won’t be late to my own party like Barack Obama.

1. I can’t believe that Obama actually thinks we’re gullible enough to believe that his plan isn’t going to cost us a dime. He essentially told us in the same breath that he wasn’t going to get the money from Medicare, but we were going to get the money from Medicare. Yes, he said that… with a few words in between. Where is he going to get the money out of Medicare? He says it’s in waste that if we ran it right then we could get the money. Um… ok. Well, if he’s known that this waste exists then why hasn’t he already done something to get rid of it? You don’t need to pass a health care plan to clean up extra expenditure in Medicare. Just do it.

2. At one point it seemed like Obama was going to introduce interstate health care competition and he gave a great example with the state of Alabama in which 90% of its population is using only one health insurance company. Instead he proposed that this would be an opportunity for people to use the government plan. Isn’t that just swell? Instead of only having one choice, now you have a whole two! Interstate competition would go far in dropping the prices of health insurance.

3. Obama kept claiming that those that already have insurance aren’t required to start using the government-run plan, and that is essentially true at the outset. But if your employer decides to drop your private health insurance for the government plan then you now have government-run health insurance anyway. By not opening up interstate health insurance and competition, the government is practically guaranteeing that they’re going to provide the lower-cost plan and eventually bring in most everyone into the system anyway, (especially with all the new rules he’s proposing to set against insurance companies that, while I do agree with a few, will raise premiums). There’s also the neat trick of slapping employers with a fine for not providing health insurance, but since the fine would be lower than providing it they’d simply drop their coverage and let their employees get on the government plan.

4. Obama was pretty slick on the double-talk throughout the speech. I already mentioned the Medicare contradiction. He sounded firm that he wanted the public option which brought a standing ovation from the left, but then went on to say that he’d be willing to listen to alternate plans from the right. For a moment it seemed be was going to address tort reform when he brought up malpractice suits which drive up costs of health care, drawing a loud ovation from Republicans, but when it came to offering a solution he only said that it’s something he’d look into.

What the speech came down to was that Barack Obama again proved he’s a slick-talking salesman in long-winded fashion. However, his content was essentially the same yet again – full of double-talk and of more empty promises than legitimate solutions.

As far as Joe Wilson’s outburst…

…the critics on the left apparently have a double standard:

Of course, neither even came close to Congressman Preston Brooks’ (D-SC) beating of Senator Charles Sumner (R-MA) in the Senate chamber on May 22, 1856, an act which helped fuel the beginning of the Civil War:


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