Nancy Pelosi would like us to cower at her fear tactics, citing the San Francisco violence in 1977 in comparison to concerned citizens speaking up about the current health care bill. While the health care bill itself is rather scary, those against it are not and just want to have a discussion, but what is frightening is Iran flexing its military muscle.

In the wake of UN General Assembly walk-outs last week, Iran has spent the early goings of this week test firing its longest ranged missiles, Shahab-3 and Sajjil missiles that can travel up to 1200 miles. On top of that, a second nuclear facility in Iran has been discovered and in response, Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated Iran will refuse to negotiate its nuclear program at Thursday talks in Geneva. While it was odd that the administration waited until G20 in Pittsburgh to announce the facility rather than at the UN, Iranian hostility is certainly heating up.

President Obama’s solution: sanctions. Sanctions in this case, unless it’s on refined oil, are a lot of hot air that generally won’t effect a regime that’s hell-bent on bringing about the end of the world with any real significance. Even if the sanctions were smartly placed on refined oil there are still ways Iran can deal with it, such as raising gas prices to stop consumers from by buying. So if Obama tells Iran, “I’m not going to let you play with my ball,” and Iran says, “That’s ok. We have our own ball.” What then?

To Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this is a religious thing. His sect of Islam believes that they must create as much chaos as possible in order to bring about their religion’s second coming and end days. Does Obama really believe that he’s going to be able to negotiate peace with those that don’t want peace? And he thinks he has local countries like Russia backing him on this… the same Russia that has been Iran’s leading supplier of weapons for years and is the country that sold Iran nuclear fuel in 2005.

As for other countries like the U.K. and France that stood up with Obama at the Security Council, French president Nicolas Sarkozy believes that Obama is naïve and egotistical. The international community’s confidence in the United States is wavering at the precise wrong time.

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