More Obama Health Care Madness

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Health Care, Politics
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Call it a summit. Call it another campaign speech. In a last-gasp effort to revive the public option in the current health care bill, President Obama resorted to media candy. Rounding up 150 doctors that support his agenda, the administration dressed them up in white doctor coats and trotted them out in front of Obama so he could preach to his small choir and the media could grab photos and video of the president speaking at doctors that would actually nod their heads in approval at him.

This is a response tactic to the Investors Business Daily poll of doctors that lambasted the government-run health care plan. If you recall, this poll discovered that two out of three American physicians oppose the health care bill, 72% of doctors disagree with the Obama administration that they can accomodate 47 million new patients with better care at a lower cost, and 45% said they would consider retiring if Obamacare were implemented.

Doctors that do not agree with Obama’s view of health care were upset at the snub. Said Dr. Margaret Flowers, a Maryland pediatrician and congressional fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program, “It just appears that President of the United States, at this point, is choosing to meet with only those who support his agenda.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, Obama did say at his joint session of Congress in September that his open door policy was one in which he didn’t want people wasting his time.

Speaking of the joint session of Congress, it was there that President Obama declared that he would find $500 billion in Medicare waste to pay for his plan. While many decried if there was that much obvious waste then they ought to start cutting now. Well, they finally have. The first $16 billion of cuts over the next 10 years in Medicare will come at the expense of nursing homes and the elderly.

So… they circumvented Sarah Palin’s death panel accusation by simply taking any late-life discussion away altogether, decreasing the amount of available care and equipment as the baby boomer generation continues to get older.

Stated David Hebert, a senior vice president at the American Health Care Association, “We can foresee the possibility of nursing homes having to close their doors. “I certainly foresee that we’ll have to let staff go.”

So what’s the message here? Our elderly are considered waste? But I guess that’s supposed to be ok because all the white coats around Obama today were applauding.

  1. The amount of Americans who are currently masturbating the profits of insurance companies, whilst you remain WAY below the UK (with our EVIL SOCIALIST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM) in the World Health Organisation’s healthcare rankings, is staggering.

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