The Socialist Radio Revolution

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Communications, Politics
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Anyone watching Glenn Beck on Wednesday would have witnessed him out yet another socialist agenda within the current administration, this time in the form of Free Press, an organization with a socialist agenda that is trying to push through their form of media control in the name of civil rights. They constructed the tech policy for the current administration in the White House, have the ear of the FCC chairman, and their founder, Robert McChesney, author of such titles as Communications Revolution, very publicly denounces capitalism and promotes socialism. Van Jones, the radical self-proclaimed communist and former green jobs czar, once sat on their board.

The Obama campaign ran on “Net Neutrality” and claimed that “Because most Americans only have a choice of only one or two broadband carriers, carriers are tempted to impose a toll charge on content and services, discriminating against websites that are unwilling to pay for equal treatment.” While I agree that it would behoove us to have more competition in broadband carriers, in my line of work in the IT industry I’ve worked with Adelphia, Comcast, Cox, and Verizon and the only type of website I’ve seen them “discriminate” against should you choose one of their website hosting packages is pornography. But even that doesn’t stop a person from creating an adult-oriented site with a web host that allows it. Broadband companies also don’t charge users based on the type of websites they’re accessing. Users are charged for the type of connection to their house or business. So what is this scare tactic?

It’s simply a means to get Americans to nod their heads and say, “Yeah, you shouldn’t be discriminating against us,” even if discrimination is nonexistent, in order for them to approve of an agenda. Obama even got others in his party on board by stating that he would only appoint FCC commissioners who support Net Neutrality. Every single incoming freshman Democratic senator in 2008 thus pledged to support Net Neutrality. Also, taxes are being modified to promote a more “local market concentration” over the air waves and charging fees to radio stations that don’t meet a certain criteria in order to subsidize public radio. So what’s the agenda?

It seems the agenda is an attack at right-wing talk radio which currently exceeds liberal talk radio at this point. The reason? There’s a bigger audience for it. However, the left wing shouldn’t be throwing that big of a fit since the majority of most other media outlets such as newspapers and news on television are predominantly liberal.

Oddly enough, Robert McChesney recently stepped down from Free Press because he did “not think what Free Press is doing is sufficient to encompass the full range of media reform activism, or media activism writ large, that is necessary.”


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