Bomb Caps News Of Obama’s Taliban Consideration

Posted: October 8, 2009 in Foreign Policy, Politics
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While President Obama lingers in the situation room and continues to waffle on whether or not to send in more troops to Afghanistan, he’s also preparing to accept some involvement of the Taliban in the country’s political future. The Taliban seemingly celebrated the news by setting off a bomb at the Indian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing 17 and injuring 63 others.

While officials say Obama’s decision is still two weeks away, U.S. Troops are working overtime on counterinsurgency tactics to keep the Afghan people on their side and in fending off constant Taliban hit-and-run attacks. Said Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA), “When [the Taliban] see us acting in an unsure manner, they’re able to go out to all the villages and different people and say America is going to pull out.”

With the Taliban regaining strength, they’ve been able to instill fear tactics once again, threatening violence during the August elections and now this bomb at the Indian embassy. However, the Obama administration would prefer to concentrate on efforts against al-Qaeda and downgrade the emphasis on the Taliban. They believe the Taliban is too enmeshed in Afghanistan’s culture and would be willing to consider Taliban members that renounce violence. The Taliban, on the other hand, have not been eager to do so.

Many believe an Iraq-like surge would put an end to the Taliban resurgence.


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