In a small step toward passing health care reform, The Senate Finance committee voted 14-9 to pass its version of health care legislation to the Senate. Maine Senator Olympia Snowe was the lone Republican to vote the bill forward, but also stated, “I can’t vote for a public option.”

The latter disclaimer is not music to the ears of the likes of Nancy Pelosi who still incorrectly states that most Americans want the public option. Polling shows that only 45% of Americans want the public option while a full 50% are against it.

The 10-year back-loaded $829 billion bill still meets with a lot of scrutiny over how much it will actually cost. Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf confirmed that the bill’s impact on the nation is still unknown while a new report from Price Waterhouse Coopers shows that health care reform will raise costs for most Americans by 18%. By the time the plan is completely phased in by 2019, the average American family will be paying an extra $4000 per year for health care.

But Phase 1 doesn’t begin until 2013… after Obama’s re-election campaign.


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