Special Election Victories for GOP

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Election, Politics
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If this season’s special elections are any indicator as to how Americans are feeling about their represented voice these days, then long-time Democrats may have something to worry about in 2010. In Oklahoma, Todd Russ defeated Larry Peck to pick up a State House seat that hasn’t been held by a Republican since 1965. Likewise, Republican Pat Marsh defeated Democrat Ty Cobb to pick up a Tennessee House seat that’s never controlled by a Republican and gives the GOP the opportunity to pick their first Tennessee Speaker of the House in 40 years.

The Oklahoma House District 55 seat became vacant when incumbent Ryan McMullen resigned in July to take a federal position. Russ secured 55.9 percent of the vote in a district that covers Washita County and parts of Caddo, Canadian, and Kiowa counties and contains double the number of registered Democrats to Republicans. However, only 31.5 percent of registered voters took part in the special election, and a number of seated House members campaigned for Russ.

In Tennessee, Democrat Ty Cobb attempted to win the District 62 seat that had been held by his brother Curt who had stepped down to take a different government position. He was defeated handily by Pat Marsh by a 15 percent spread, 56 to 41.

Tennessee state Republican party chairman, Chris Devaney, stated, “Democrats attempted to run their candidate as a Republican to gain support from voters because they know that Tennesseans are fed up with liberal policies being pushed at all levels of government. Pat stood on his principles of limited government, lower taxes and a strong free enterprise system and voters chose to send him, a true conservative, to Nashville.”

While the 2010 elections are still more than a year away, this is still an ominous sign. In recent polling, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is 7-10 points behind his Republican challengers for his seat in Nevada.


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