The Government Take Over of the Internet

Posted: October 22, 2009 in Communications, Politics
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On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission passed a set of regulations that would prevent Internet service providers such as AT&T and Cox Cable from intentionally blocking Internet traffic. Coined “net neutrality,” supporters are encouraged that the new set of rules will ensure service companies will not be able to manipulate the choice of the common Internet surfer, also known as “traffic discrimination.” Also included is increased transparency on how carriers manage their networks and technologies (read: government playing Big Brother).

Critics, however, believe that net neutrality is another government power grab and that the new regulations will be an intrusion upon Internet customers since people can already surf the web to their heart’s content.

“Regulation kills innovation,” Senator John McCain stated. “Let’s not kill the Internet. An open and unfettered Internet may be the real stimulus during these difficult economic times, and it comes without a $787 billion price tag that is passed along to taxpayers at a significant cost for future generations.”

Government interference is also a concern. Said Tom Tauke, senior vice president for Public Policy at Verizon Communications, “When you’re trying to make the network flow, you can’t have lawyers looking over engineers’ shoulders telling them what they can and can’t do.”

This comes in addition to the proposed Cybersecurity Act which would give the government their own set of standards for private sector security and would license “cybersecurity professionals” who would oversee the new measures. Under this Act the president would also be given the power to declare “a cybersecurity emergency” and utilize “amorphous powers” to do as he wished, such as turn it off.

  1. shocker says:

    hehehe the president already has broad and far reaching powers under executives orders that date back to Truman, as well as other powers and authority granted by the courts and congress. if you like the see the Internet deregulated you might also like our current banking, finance and investment system and it’s associated crisis, bailouts and current economy as blessed by Mccain

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