Backlash Felt on Election Day

Posted: November 4, 2009 in Election, Politics
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The people have spoken and they’re saying they’ve already had it with the policies of the new administration in Washington. Here’s how it played out this Tuesday:

New Jersey Gov: Chris Christie (R) 49%, Jon Corzine (D) 45%
New York Dis. 23: Bill Owens (D) 49%, Doug Hoffman (C) 46%
Virginia Gov: Bob McDonnell (R) 59%, Creigh Deeds (D) 41%

With the majority of the country against the public option in the current health care bill, rising unemployment, proposed cap-and-trade legislation that even President Obama has admitted would cause energy rates to skyrocket, waffling on troop deployments in Afghanistan, the upcoming controversial climate change treaty in Copenhagen that would tax American pockets to give money to other countries, and a combination of “Net neutrality” and the proposed Cybersecurity Act that would place the Internet under government control, Democrat nominees for various offices around the country have taken a big hit.

Both Obama and Vice President Joe Biden did what they enjoy best and campaigned hard for their party in New Jersey and New York in recent days, but it wasn’t enough to sway voters from voting conservative. Many in New York District 23 believed former Republican nominee Dierdre Scozzafava was too liberal, prompting Doug Hoffman to join the race. He garnered considerable backing from national conservatives such as Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty and effectively knock Scozzafava out of the race over the weekend. With Scozzafava out, Hoffman gained additional GOP support. However, since she only put her campaign in suspension, she still showed up on the ticket and collected six percent of the vote, which was just enough to take away from Hoffman and give the decision to Owens although combined it would have defeated the Democrat nominee.

In the closest race, Republican Chris Christie, who had been just slightly ahead in the New Jersey gubernatorial polls for weeks, narrowly beat out Democrat nominee Jon Corzine. This is a bitter defeat for Democrats since New Jersey is a notorious stronghold for the party. Many believe this is a strong reflection of how voters are feeling about the current administration in Washington. I recall the exact opposite happening in Maryland when incumbent Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich, who was even endorsed by the liberal Washington Post, was ousted in favor of ill-liked Martin O’Malley, a former Baltimore mayor who had once spent more money on a new motto for Baltimore than he had on education. However, voters had grown increasingly angry at the Bush administration and GOP candidates felt the backlash.

The Virginia governor race wasn’t even close, with Bob McDonnell winning by a landslide 19 points. In a state that Barack Obama carried by nearly seven points in 2008, voters unquestionably swung back to the right. Analysts are now saying that Republicans should look at how McDonnell ran his campaign and mimic it for the 2010 elections. The Lt. Governor and Attorney General positions were also won by Republican candidates.

In an unsurprising race, former Lt. Governor of California John Garamendi won that state’s District 10 house seat, but while the votes were still being tallied, Nancy Pelosi and her typical arrogance urged Garamendi to fly to Washington D.C. to be sworn in on Thursday.

These wins for conservative candidates follow special elections victories earlier in October. In Oklahoma, Todd Russ won a State House seat that hadn’t been held by the GOP since 1965. In Tennessee, Pat Marsh picked up a State House seat that had never been controlled by Republicans and gave the GOP their first opportunity to pick the Tennessee Speaker of the House in 40 years.

  1. Klem says:

    No doubt about it the people are pissed. We voted for change we could believe in back in 2008 and now we are getting it big-time. Well this was not what I was expecting when I voted for change. I don’t trust our President now, I won’t vote Dem next time. I can’t.

    In December we expect our President to sign the Copenhagen Treaty whether he has his Climate bill passed or not. Well only recenlty I have been hearing that this treaty will launch the UN as our new Global Government. I’ve read parts of the Treaty in it’s draft form and I realized that once the UN has control of carbon, they will control everything. So I don’t know if the UN will be a new world government and can write laws but if they control carbon they will control the activities of the world. And with the proposed 2% tax on all carbon transactions, the UN’s income will be multi billions per year. With these things in mind, I have difficulty arguing that the UN will not become our world government. I guess Obama doesn’t want the USA to be the leader anymore, he wants a huge number of beurocrats to control the world. I can’t beleive I’m seeing this.

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