Re-igniting American Live Wire!

Posted: February 11, 2014 in General Commentary
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It’s time to re-ignite the American Live Wire. Nearly five years ago, as part of the Enigma Underground internet radio station this blog was created as a place to sound off politically while the station began to broadcast podcasts of issues of the day. There was a quick splash and both faded out over time while the American Live Wire Twitter account still periodically posted a tweet. It was a faint heartbeat that began beating louder over the past year and a half. Now, American Live Wire is returning.

The Enigma Underground radio station is still shut down at the moment, but we’ll look to broadcast some podcasts and/or radio shows soon. In the meantime, the blog will ramp back up and the tweets will continue to increase. We’re also going to be putting together a Facebook page.

The question is then becomes what political persuasion American Live Wire will now adopt. A look through the archives will instantly reveal a decidedly right wing stance. Sure, the column was “non-partisan,” but non-partisan in Oklahoma is still moderately right. American Live Wire at this time is going to make no particular party distinction — they both have scores of problems and pundits screaming their rhetoric — and is just going to call it like it is, for good or bad. Chalk it up to a few more years of growing wiser and more centrist. There is no party agenda here, just a fair discussion of today’s issues in America.

We’ll also be supporting a number of worthy bi-partisan movements that aim to put forth much-needed policy in the United States. One such example is Lynette’s Law, which you will find in the featured links to the right. The Lynette’s Law legislation is working to protect patients from sexually exploitative mental health professionals and needs your support. This and other movements will be featured on Enigma Underground’s American Live Wire.

Plug us back in and we’re plugging back in!


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