The two-party system has become so viciously polarized these days it’s surprising that anything gets done at all in this country. From Nancy Pelosi saying that the GOP rhetoric is “frightening” to nearly everyone in the Republican party saying that Barack Obama is going to be the end of civilization as we know it, American politics has become an onslaught of scare tactics. Each side wants you to believe that the other is so wretchedly evil and destructive that their policies are going to destroy the very fabric of the nation. And there is almost no middle ground.

Most Americans form their political viewpoints first through their parents and then from the media they watch. Parental influence is understandable although one hopes as the person grows older they develop their own opinions, but media is meant to be hard and heavy and scare you. It doesn’t matter the network, personality, or distinct party persuasion. From Bill O’Reilly to Sean Hannity to Chris Matthews to Keith Olbermann and on and on, in the guise of a discussion their opinion is going to get crammed down the viewers’ throats as the only right and logical opinion often belittling guests to their shows. So what’s the point in watching unless tearing people apart on TV is your thing?

It doesn’t help that the common politician has now taken up the same shock and awe tactics in order to get a simple sound bite and create an unfounded alarm within the American people. It seems the only form of bipartisanship these days is in the mudslinging rhetoric.

No matter what the talking heads say or try to convince their viewers or listeners it all comes down to one thing on Capitol Hill. Money. If you are a politician, no matter what your party affiliation may be you are going to vote in favor of those policies that help the people and corporations that funded your campaign. If you don’t then you can forget about getting re-elected. The power no longer resides in the voice of the American people, the power resides in the voice of the select few. All the mud is just a red herring.


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