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#Rapecultureiswhen was a trending hashtag on Twitter yesterday due to writer Zerlina Maxwell sounding off about a recent op-ed article that claimed there’s no such thing as rape culture. Here’s a recap from the Huffington Post:

Now let’s take a quick tour of #rapecultureiswhen…

Rape culture is when lobbyists call rape consensual and testify against victim rights:

Rape culture is when the mental health industry protects its sex offenders. Exposed in this video!

Rape culture is when a state lawmaker who co-sponsors a bill against child porn then gets busted for… child porn!

Rape culture is when incest-themed hard core pornography is now accessible to your family’s television via your Verizon cable service:



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Posted: March 23, 2014 in Politics


The rhetoric coming out of the Maryland Psychological Association during the House Bill 33 hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee was that psychologists that sexually exploited their clients lost their livelihood and by being reported the the National Practitioner Data Bank they couldn’t hop states to practice elsewhere. Both statements are incorrect.

American Live Wire has been working with Lynette’s Law for Maryland to rummage through the debacle that is the state of the board’s disciplinary records, and what’s there is completely contradictory to the statements that were made during HB 33. For one, there have been psychologists that have be reinstated after serving a suspension for their sexual misconduct. You have to really dig through these documents — a number of them are labeled incorrectly and some broken links exist (thankfully, Google has been able to find some).

The other problem lies in the state-hopping. During the HB 33 hearing, the MPA’s lobbyist tried to provide a sense of security that by reporting to charges to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) there could be no state-hopping. According to a report by Public Citizen, the NPDB contains 50,000 incomplete records. There’s no way to make informed decisions with that type of gaping hole. Also, a bit of searching around can find plenty of state-hoppers taking their sexual exploitation to other locales.

For more, read Lobbyists use National Practitioner Data Bank to provide false sense of security

One one side of the spectrum we have two dozen Chicago high schools that are going to pass out free condoms. Does that protect kids from teen pregnancy or does it encourage kids to have sex?

On the other side of the spectrum there’s a cool historical finding of two long-lost photos of President Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession:

I actually spoke about this rape kit situation during a radio interview back in November. Here’s an article that was just published updating this extremely poor situation:

100 Serial Rapists Identified After Rape Kits From Detroit Crime Lab Are Finally Processed:

China Warns West That Sanctions on Russia Could Spiral Into Chaos:

Maryland House Bill 33, Lynette’s Law, has passed out of the Judiciary Committee and will get a vote in the house. “One Voice” suicide prevention music video montage:


It’s a game. I think the American public wants to believe that their elected officials care, but deep down they know it’s a game, too. Legislation generally gets passed across the country not because it’s the right thing to do but because of the deals behind the scenes.

One of the most troubling realities is this country if far from a democracy (or a republic, for that matter). It is a series of little dictatorships. What that classic and beloved School House Rock cartoon fails to mention during its famous “Bill” song is how those bills can get stuck in a committee simply because the chairman of the committee doesn’t like the bill. It is up to the chairman of those committees to release the bills for a vote. So while the entire rest of the committee may be a favor of a bill, if the chairman wants to he has the power to kill it via “drawer veto” and never letting it out for a vote.

This is a process of which most of the public is unaware. One person can decide the fate of potential law. One person can decide whether victims can be protected. One person can decide the civil rights of all. Enter the deal.

Behind the scenes politicians jostle and hustle for votes for their bills. “If you don’t give me your vote on this bill then you won’t get mine on your bill and I’ll make sure politicians A, B, C, and D don’t vote for it either.” Of course, the one withe the most power for those deals is the chairman. “If you even want your bill put out for a vote [insert deal here].”

Imagine that. In America where it’s been drilled into us for years that “your vote matters” so many good bills that could help people die because the bill can’t even get out for a vote. The process is broken and the mini-dictatorships need to be usurped.

What these girls did to this autistic boy when they sexually assaulted him is pretty disturbing…

Maryland House Bill 1193 to Study Strategies for Preventing Sexual Exploitation of Clients by Mental Health Professionals… duplicates the task forces of 1998 and 2008 and should be enforced already. Watch state delegates call for pressuring the Judiciary committee to let HB33 Lynette’s Law out for a vote and pass it, which would do what previous task forces have recommended — criminalize sexual exploitation by mental health professionals.


Roundup of news from across the nation…

In “liberal” Maryland, the House of Delegates voted 120-13 on HB 739 which cuts taxes for the wealthiest 3% in the state. Not only is this ironic because it’s a move that Democrats typically bash Republicans for but the previous day the state revealed that it’s in a massive budget predicament and is looking to cut $300 million from teacher’s and state employee’s pensions.

Arkansas judge states “Sluts are just whores in training” and other ‘nice’ pearls of wisdom:

A woman’s actions to live “off the grid” declared illegal by judge:

Since American Live Wire started as a part of Enigma Underground Radio… posting a bit of music. Give this one a listen and support the message!


HB 1344, Erin’s Law which has already passed in numerous other states, was heard before Maryland’s House Judiciary Committee today. This bill will help educate children on what sexual abuse is so they can recognize when it is happening to them. Another bill that is in the works, HB 1389, complements this as a bill for educating teachers on looking for the signs of sexual abuse in children. Some however, see this as a bill that conflicts with HB 1344, but they would actually work quite well together. One educates children while the other educates teachers. Win – win. So pass both.

Click here to watch today’s hearing video.

This video is almost like a mini-documentary, highlighting many of the problems with the mental health profession, primarily in Maryland. There is testimony included from a lobbyist of the Maryland Psychological Association, Julia Pitcher Worcester, that is absolutely blown away and shocking revelations of sexual predators that are still working in the field and others who were convicted of sexually abusing minors who got mere months of jail time when they were supposed to get years. Watch Exploitation Nation here: