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#Rapecultureiswhen was a trending hashtag on Twitter yesterday due to writer Zerlina Maxwell sounding off about a recent op-ed article that claimed there’s no such thing as rape culture. Here’s a recap from the Huffington Post:

Now let’s take a quick tour of #rapecultureiswhen…

Rape culture is when lobbyists call rape consensual and testify against victim rights:

Rape culture is when the mental health industry protects its sex offenders. Exposed in this video!

Rape culture is when a state lawmaker who co-sponsors a bill against child porn then gets busted for… child porn!

Rape culture is when incest-themed hard core pornography is now accessible to your family’s television via your Verizon cable service:



I actually spoke about this rape kit situation during a radio interview back in November. Here’s an article that was just published updating this extremely poor situation:

100 Serial Rapists Identified After Rape Kits From Detroit Crime Lab Are Finally Processed:

China Warns West That Sanctions on Russia Could Spiral Into Chaos:

Maryland House Bill 33, Lynette’s Law, has passed out of the Judiciary Committee and will get a vote in the house. “One Voice” suicide prevention music video montage:


The O’Keefe/Giles sting video from San Diego has been released on In this latest ACORN revelation, an ACORN employee actually states that he has contacts in Tijuana that could help bring the 13-15 year old El Salvadoran girls across the border. Plus… the ACORN worker actually propositioned Hannah!

Meanwhile, Washington starts to distance itself from ACORN

Update: The U.S. House today joined the Senate in voting to completely defund ACORN, going further than the housing funds that were withdrawn the other day. It passed by a vote of 345-75.

The latest James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles video has hit the Internet at This time the target was San Bernadino and the revelations were even darker. Using the same prostitution/brothel/underage immigrant story, the ACORN worker confronted admitted to once running her own prostitution ring when she was younger. But it didn’t stop there.

The ACORN employee offered up some tips on how to seduce male bank presidents (but, thankfully, not with the underage girls from El Salvador). As the conversation wore on and Hannah (as “Eden”) created a story about prior abuse from a pimp, the ACORN worker admitted that she had been abused by her former husband and actually shot him to death.

Surprisingly (or is it?), Charlie Gibson stated on WLS AM Chicago about the ACORN scandal, “I didn’t even know about it.” He continued by suggesting, “maybe this is just one you leave to the cables.” Really?

More info:

After videos showed two separate ACORN offices aiding a pimp and a prostitute in securing housing to run a brothel, offer advice in tax evasion, and not even bat an eye at the suggestion of importing underage girls from El Salvador for the purpose of prostitution, the U.S. Census Bureau has elected to sever its ties with the organization (Michelle Malkin has a link to the Census Director’s letter). ACORN maintains that this revelation is part of a smear campaign and that the videos were doctored, but they subsequently fired the four workers involved and the videos can be watched in their entirety at (The videos are linked on our site as well.)

Given this latest outrageous revelation and the 50 ACORN workers that have already been arrested for voter fraud (accounting for 400,000 imaginary voters, including Mickey Mouse), people are concerned that the organization received $1.6 million for housing this past year and are due $8.5 billion in stimulus funds from the Obama administration. What their next scandal may be is anyone’s guess.

Yosi Sergant, Director of Communications for the National Endowment for the Arts who was outed for organizing an artists movement to create propaganda for the president’s agenda, has been reassigned at the NEA. Having worked for the media arm of Obama’s run for presidency, Sergant came under fire for sending an email and making a call in August to organize propaganda and discussed legal concerns.

President Obama is back on the campaign trail, but someone forgot to tell him that he’s not up for re-election for another three years. Today he ignored the 100,000+ from the 9-12 march on Washington by holding a health care rally in Minneapolis, MN (essentially a repeat of his address to Congress). After a week which featured a speech to school children and his joint session sales pitch to Congress on Wednesday, he will appear on 60 Minutes Sunday night, will deliver a speech to Wall Street on Monday, and will speak again about health care to the AFL-CIO on Tuesday. Unfortunately, he keeps spouting partisan rhetoric, keeps trying to get people to believe that he’s simply paying for this with current “waste” in the Medicare system, and spent the final five minutes “firing up” the Minneapolis crowd as if he were at an Amway rally.

I guess his solution to the flaws in his plan is to simply get the populous emotionally charged so they just ignore it all — kind of like how he got elected.

From the world of private investigator Chase Michael DeBarlo (excerpt from Deadly Heirs):

After exiting I-95 and waiting out a few traffic lights, I pulled into the visitor’s parking lot of Shoregate Manor Resort at about ten till eleven. The wind off the beach cut through my trench coat like an ice pick and the salt water air flooded my nostrils. I was just happy to release my cramped body from the confines of the car. I had dressed in business attire since I knew the hotel would be crawling with the lifestyles of the rich and uptight. Needless to say, the constricting tie and tight wingtips I had been wearing made the drive down completely unenjoyable.

I crossed the parking lot and strolled through the brass accoutered glass doors, puffing out my chest and nodding at the other suits that milled about. The stoic building of Shoregate reminded me of the Ocean Club on Smuggler’s Beach in South Yarmouth, on Cape Cod. Its elongated structure stretched the beach with easy access to a yacht club and other amenities. Like the Ocean Club, I was sure that each suite at Shoregate was set up with a whirlpool tub, fireplace, and wet bar.

I approached the concierge desk at the back of the lobby that was occupied by a thin elderly man, slightly hunched over with a wisp of white hair. It looked like he had been standing there since the hotel’s ground-breaking ceremony back in the early 1900’s. In a rather acute voice he politely asked, “What can I do for you sir?”

“Yes, good morning. I’m trying to locate a business associate of mine and he usually stays at this fabulous hotel when he has business at New Bridge Beach.” The concierge didn’t seem to acknowledge a word I had just said. He simply stared at me blankly. “Would you happen to know if Mr. Earl Kiddering has been through here recently?”

The old man stared off into nowhere. “I’m sorry, sir. That name in unfamiliar to me.”

Unfamiliar? That was a shock. I thought everyone had at least heard of Kiddering and his fortune. I reached into my interior overcoat pocket for the beach picture. “I have a picture of him, however, it’s quite dated. Perhaps he did business here before your time.”

He frowned. “I’ve been the concierge at this hotel for the past thirty-two years, thank you. I’ve a feeling that I’ve been standing at this desk since the days you were wearing diapers.” Actually, longer but I didn’t dare tell him that. “Now what sort of business do you have here?”

His eyes had turned into steel beads and the lines in his face grew deep. I reluctantly handed him the photograph as he slid on a pair of light wire spectacles. The old man suddenly perked up. “Yes, I know this man. His name is William Hall. He frequents Shoregate for business quite often.”

“What about the woman in the picture?”

He lightly chuckled. “Mr. Hall has had quite a few lady friends accompany him throughout the years. However, this woman does look slightly familiar. Perhaps she was here quite often with him at one point. I can’t quite remember.” He looked up from the picture and pinned his steely eyes back on me. “Now what is this about? You can’t possibly expect me to conceive that you’re one of Mr. Hall’s business associates.”