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Happy Valentine’s Day!

While this is supposed to be a day of love it is also, unfortunately, it is also a day that sees a spike in date rape. One organization, V-Day, has designated Valentine’s Day as theirs to speak out against rape culture and violence:

This is utterly reprehensible: A Kentucky trooper wants his job back after raping a 15-year-old girl, calling it a “moral mistake” and he has now “gotten right” with his family.

You may have seen this one floating around Facebook lately:


It was the ol’ bait-and-switch on the health care bill. According to White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod, it is likely that the amendment to the health care bill that restricts federal funding for abortions and caused just enough Democrats to vote for it in order for the bill to passed will be stripped out by President Obama.

First, Nancy Pelosi tried to ram through health care legislation on November 7… a Saturday when the public wasn’t really paying attention (and what happened to giving us at least 36 hours to read the 2000 pages?).  The House met in intense debates all day, but they could not get the measure passed until an amendment written by Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) prevented federal subsidies from going toward private plans that offer abortion overage. This swayed enough moderate Democrats to pass the bill 220-215 in the dead of the night.

However, President Obama does not support the amendment, stating it changes the “status quo,” and may intervene to delete the legislation that got the bill passed. No, according to Axelrod, “He’s going to work with Senate and the House to try and ensure that at the end of the day, the status quo is not changed … there are discussions ongoing to how to adjust it accordingly.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell insists that Americans do not want their tax dollars funding abortions and the legislation will likely be held up in the Senate. “This will be on the floor for quite a long time. I think it ought to be on the floor at least as long as it’s been in Harry Reid’s office.”

So… in order to finagle this bill through the House, the abortion amendment gets tacked on that gets just enough Democrats to barely pass it, and then the administration comes along and rips out the thing that actually got it passed? How shady is that? Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Axelrod should go in together on a used car dealership. Their sales skills would be better suited for that profession.

President Obama spoke on Wall Street today about today’s economy a year after the Lehman Brothers collapse, crediting his $787 billion stimulus package for saving America from a second Great Depression. While natural market behavior has stabilized the economy, unemployment has continued to increase (in fact, only $90 billion of the $787 billion was supposed to potentially go toward job creation), the president’s 10-year budget deficit estimate has increased from $7 trillion to $9 trillion, and the housing market remains depressed. Obama’s only defense seems to be a claim that the economy would be worse without the stimulus, because it’s certainly not better.

Still, Obama is urging “the most ambitious overhaul of the financial regulatory system since the Great Depression.” Part of his proposed plan is to create a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency and the put regulations in place that would discourage companies from getting too big. Oh, good… let’s spend money on yet another government organization and then put rules in place to discourage capitalism. Obama also repeated in his speech that he believes in the free market system, yet he keeps encouraging the increased intrusion of the government into the market.

The president also decided to tick off China today by raising tariffs on imported tires by 35%. While he did this in the name of saving American jobs (namely, United Steelworkers jobs which will please new manufacturing czar Ron Bloom who came from USW), many experts predict this will cost America 20,000 tire-related jobs and, as expected, will create a tense relationship with China from whom we’re borrowing money. China subsequently filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization against the U.S.

Back to the Obama health care plan, for those that seem to have bought into the president’s rhetoric that abortion isn’t included, think again. You can argue about whether or not “preventative care” refers to abortion or not since the same statutes in Medicare about prenatal care that have already been interpreted by the courts as “abortion services” is also included in this health care bill (Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice), but this slick little move seems clear enough. The package calls for medical clinics to be placed in or very near schools, which sounds nice, but guess who’s going to run those clinics? Planned Parenthood — which will also be funded by this bill. In a 2007 speech to Planned Parenthood, Obama stated that “reproductive care” is at the center of his health care plan.

Oh… and $10 billion is going to the AFL-CIO in his plan… the same AFL-CIO that helped him get elected and where he’s speaking at tomorrow on his current campaign tour.

Quick tort reform comment… Texas and California have alrady been doing it for years. Insurance premiums in Texas have dropped 30% and in California 40%.

ACORN Update: Mike Johann’s amendment to cut off current ACORN housing funds has passed 83-7.